Guides in Proper Caring of Micro Mini Pigs

Guides in Proper Caring of Micro Mini Pigs

Like their bigger counterparts, teacup pigs are adorable in every way. They are very cute especially when they are just a couple of months old wherein they can literally fit inside a teacup. Having mini pigs as pets is quite unusual, because most of us are used to seeing dogs, kittens, and birds in the household. Today, it is no doubt that these cute, four-legged friends have increasingly become popular as extended members of our family.

Miniature pigs are not your typical pigs which can grow up to several inches and pounds. The largest of them would grow about 40-60 pounds. They are weaned at about a month and 1 week and can be sold to any interested pet owner when it is about six weeks old. Upon reaching the age of two to three years, they become full-sized adults.

The good thing about these pigs is that they are very intelligent and can easily be trained. Teacup pigs are known to be very affectionate. With this nature, it is easy to bond with them. It is like taking care of a puppy but unlike puppies they are much gentler. They do not shed or chew things they ran into. If you are looking at having these pets in your household, here are some important tips on how to take care of them.

The first you need to know is to set a specific place in your lawn to make it your teacup pig’s home. By doing that, you are already setting boundaries for your pig so that she will not intrude in your family’s spaces. You can have it fenced if you want to but be sure there is enough space for your pet to roam around. Fill this home with a bed enough to make her comfortable. A compartment which has all the things she needs like food, water, towels, and rugs should be kept at a close distance.

Guides in Proper Caring of Micro Mini Pigs

By nature, pigs love to eat food any time of the day and anywhere and it goes the same with these teacup pigs. The next thing you need to know is when to feed these micro mini pigs. Establish a schedule preferably early in the morning and in the evening. Along with this schedule, you must set a certain amount of food to be given to them and this amount must be consistent every time you feed her.

Over feeding these pigs might lead to excessive weight gain. To avoid that problem, veterinarians have especially crafted food and a diet for them that are very easy to follow. There are foods that can be found in pet stores, livestock feed stores, and online retailers all over the country.

Lastly, do not forget to enlist the help of a veterinarian who can walk you through the step by step process of dealing with miniature pigs. He would know what is the best food to eat to keep them healthy, the vaccines that are to be administered, and the care that you should put into your home to make it an ideal environment where your pet and your family can coexist.

The most important thing about taking care of mini pigs is to have time to bond with them. Forming a bond with your pet will take months and it has to be nurtured each and every day. Bonding moments can include walking with them around the curb, playing with them in the house, or dressing them up with ribbons. For these micro mini pigs, your care will go a long way. They certainly appreciate the loving and caring hand of someone who is ready to welcome them to a warm household.

How to Housebreak Your Micro Pig

How to Housebreak Your Micro Pig

You have seen these tiny creatures on TV, online and in magazines. These charming little pigs captured your heart and you are aching to have one. While you have the money and time to raise and own a micro pig, you only have limited information on how to manage it.

House breaking is one of the tasks in owning a micro pig. However, micro pigs do not come potty trained, hence you need to teach your micro pig how to eliminate- outside or use the litter box. Just like cats and dogs, teacup pigs can make wonderful pets when properly trained. With a little patience, love and lots of treats, house breaking your mini pig pet is easy. However, training must start at an early age for best results.

  1. Find a small and an undisturbed out of the way area for your micro pig pet. Also, it should be away from the area where your mini piggy eats or sleeps. Like all pigs, micro pigs do not potty near their sleeping area or food.
  2. Take your baby to the designated area once every hour on the first day. Then, every two hours on the second day and every three hours on the third day. Or you may do this routine after meals; breakfast and dinner, or before bedtime.
  3. Observe your mini pig pet for signs of needing to defecate. Guide or take your pig pet to the designated potty area if it starts sniffing around. Use treats such like grapes, apples, or pears. But, treats should be limited because of its high calorie content that can cause obesity as micro pigs tend to overeat.
  4. Praise your pet whenever it eliminates in the designated area or litter box. Give it a light pat and treats for a job well done.
  5. Then, if your micro pig eliminates in the wrong area, make sure to put a little of it inside the litter box. The scent of feces stimulates your piggy’s urge to use the litter box again. Continue this throughout the training period. But, make sure not to leave the “pig berries” in the litter box too long.
  6. Remember; give your teacup pig enough time to learn. Also, give your darling lots of treats and praise for effective and successful housebreak training. With patience and love, you will be rewarded with a loyal and affectionate micro pig pet.

How to Housebreak Your Micro Pig

When you are thinking of buying a mini pig, do not go for cheap rates advertised online. Find the time to find a reputable breeder with many years of experience in breeding and raising micro pigs. Good thing the Internet is loaded with hundreds or thousands of information about mini pigs. The list goes from micro pigs FACTS to how to raise and take care of your micro pig pet, to different training techniques for your micro pig.

Pampered Piglets is a small breeder with only a small select of group of micro breeder pigs. Thus, you are assured of getting a tiny little piglet. Unlike other breeders, micro pigs at Pampered Piglets are raised around children. In addition, Pampered Piglets also provides thorough information on micro pigs, teacup pigs FAQ, shipping to various states in the US, and relevant details about available micro pigs, videos, and so much more. These are to guide you well on the right choice of mini pigs to bring to your home. Enjoy teacup pig hunting with Pampered Piglets today!

Mini Pig Training Tips

Mini Pig Training Tips

Different Training types for Your Mini Pigs

Do you have a micro pig pet, and you don’t know how to housebreak it? It may seem a big problem, but actually training your darling is easy as a breeze. Micro pigs are among the smartest animals in the world. With a little effort, raising a micro piglet as a pet can be highly rewarding. You just need a few things to learn and you are ready to enjoy your time with your affectionate and loyal pet.

Potty Training Tips

Mini pigs can be potty trained to use the bathroom or to use a litter box. Below are some pointers:

  • Remember to carefully pick the location on where to put the litter box as teacup pigs tend to potty on the same place all the time.
  • Confine your micro piglet in a small private area while potty training.
  • During training, do not over clean the litter box. Make sure to leave at least one or two “pig berry”. The scent of it stimulates your micro pig to use the litter box again. Likewise it teaches your pet that this is the proper place to litter.
  • Avoid feeding your micro pig anywhere near the litter area.


Guides on Leash and Harness Training for your Mini Pigs

Using a leash for your micro piglet is for comfort and safety. Likewise, using a leash or harness enables you to take control of your favorite.

First, know if your micro pig is big enough to fit on a leash. Overly tight or loose harness can cause injury to your micro piglet.

  • Second, measure the size of your pet and take the time to check the wide variety of harnesses available to find the perfect harness for your pet. The best harness or leash for your micro pig should give your micro piggy enough room to move around.
  • Some pigs are fine being harnessed, and some don’t like, so you must give your piggy some time to get used to it. It is better to introduce your baby to it with food. Leave it around for it to play with.
  • Once comfortable, put it on gently. Make sure to that the harness or leash doesn’t interfere your piggy’s legs movement. Then, take your pet to a small walk. Doing so allows your pet to get used to having it on.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to give your piggy a treat for a job well done. Remember, foods and treats are the best tools to use tame your pet when training.

Mini Pig Training Tips

Teaching Your Micro Pig To Sit

Start teaching your pet while it’s still small enough to move around with your hands.

  • Start by telling your baby to sit while holding a treat above its head. Again, treats and foods are your best buddies while training. Then, move your hand (containing the treat) backward towards your pet’s shoulders.

This trick encourages your favorite to back up a bit, starting to sit down.

  • As soon as your piggy starts do the sit motion, immediately give your pet a light pat and a bit of the treat.
  • Do this a few times every day until your micro pig catches on.

While it takes some time to get your micro teacup piglet trained, this task is surprisingly easy especially if training begins at an early age. You may be surprised on how adaptable pigs are when it comes to learning new things. Micro pigs make popular pets because they are highly social, intelligent, loyal and affectionate. As long as you give them enough love and attention, you will be rewarded with a great companion.

Teacup pigs make great pets and can now be shipped to Canada

Teacup pigs make great pets and can now be shipped to Canada

Pigs were not always popular for being pets. What we all know of course is that they are natural farm animals. Normal pigs can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds and being this heavy and big it would be natural for us to think that letting them live at our homes is absurd. However, not all pigs are alike. What we knew before and what we know now are different. What we deemed unreasonable before may actually be a good idea now.

You must have heard a lot about teacup pigs. They are currently one of the favorite animals chosen as pets and are beloved all over the world including Canada! They are chosen as pets by many people because of their wit and charm. Before going further about the different characteristics of teacup pigs, it may be useful to learn a bit of their history.


Pigs were used in pharmacological and medical studies in the past. However, keeping large farm pigs in the laboratory is quite impractical so they searched for alternatives and found one in potbellied pigs. Potbellies are significantly smaller than your normal farm pig weighing around 200 pounds once fully grown. They were also exhibited in zoos where they caught the attention of well-off people. Potbellies then enjoyed a boost of popularity in the 1980â’s when well-off people started the fad of having potbellies as pets. It warned a little once stricter laws were enforced about keeping farm animals at home. Having pigs as pets enjoyed resurgence in the 1990s and 2000s when mini pigs or teacup pigs entered the picture.

Teacup pigs are definitely smaller than potbellies with an average weight of 35 pounds once fully grown. This is definitely a way smaller variety which would make them easier to handle in a domestic setting. The main disadvantage of keeping pigs as pets was their size. Now that this issue has been solved, more and more people want to have pigs as pets. Pigs make wonderful pets. They are smart which means they can be house trained and taught tricks as well as affectionate and sweet which makes taking care of them easy and rewarding. Also, they have no fur so there is a very low risk of triggering any kind of allergic reaction. It is safe for the whole family especially for your kids.

Teacup pigs make great pets and can now be shipped to Canada

Getting your very own teacup pig

Buying these cutie pies may require shipping via air or sea. Now, you can order your very own teacup pig in Canada!
You may be interested in buying a teacup pig for yourself but it may not be available or you might be wary of being scammed. Teacup pigs are sold for quite a high price and for this reason many people have entered this kind of business albeit dishonestly. They may have claimed to have genuine teacup pigs and sold it to you for a high price but you will discover later that you were scammed when it reaches 200 pounds in weight! Thus, it is important to get in touch with a trusted breeder who is selling the genuine kind.

Pampered Piglets are trusted breeders of genuine teacup pigs. Even if you are from overseas such as Canada, you will have no problems in getting one since Pampered Piglets micro pigs are available for Canada Shipping. This makes the whole process easy and fuss-free. You can also be assured that they will take very good care of your pet and that they will perform all the necessary steps to ensure that your mini pig will be delivered at your doorstep safe and sound.

Teaching your teacup pig not to bite as well as other tricks

Teaching your teacup pig not to bite as well as other tricks

Teaching your teacup pig not to bite

Teacup pigs can learn a lot of tricks such as standing up, sitting down and even dancing as well as many others thus, it should not be very challenging for you to train her not to bite when it is uncalled for.

Amazing Teacup Pigs

The same with dogs, they can learn just about anything but in a faster pace because you can reinforce their trainings with treats. In fact, they are even smart enough to figure out where you keep food so they may know how to open cupboards and fridges without training them at all. When properly motivated, these lovely piglets will definitely learn the ropes of various tricks that you set them out to do. As such, do not cease to be amazed by how extremely wise they are and do not underestimate their ability to act especially when it has something to do with food. This characteristic alone have garnered them so much affection and adoration from pet lovers and has win the hearts of those people who are still skeptical of teacup pigs as ideal members of the household.

Knowing General Attitudes of Mini Pigs

It has been observed that there are cute nano pigs that like to watch TV so much and even have their own favorite TV shows! Due to this preference, they may even display a bit of temper tantrums or become mad if you shut off their favorite TV show. If your family loves to play music most of the time, these wonderful piglets may also learn to love music compared to others who are not exposed to sounds and tunes. Hence, as a new piglet owner, you may turn on the radio or TV for your cute mini pigs when you have something to do around the house and will not be paying full attention to them.

Teaching your teacup pig not to bite as well as other tricks

Teaching Not to Bite

For the first week of your new baby arriving at your home, you can indulge her with treats such as grapes, Cheerios, raisins and others so that she will bond with you easily. Your mini pig will be able learn quickly that she has to come to you so that she will have treats. After which, your teacup pig will also understand to roll over so that you can scratch her tummy gently. After about two weeks and your piglet have already adjusted to your presence, you can cut back on the treats gradually. But bear in mind though that when I say treats, it only means 1 raisin or Cheerio at a time. Your teacup pig should know how to take this gently from you, without biting your hand. If she nips or grabs to get the treat from you, then it is highly recommended that you take your finger and tap it on the top of her nose while saying “no”. Then, wait for a few seconds and say “get it again,” and “take it slowly.” When your mini pig appears to understand this and start to get the treat slowly, then you will give the treat to her. However, if she continues to be appear aggressive then repeat the process again.

By repeated training and discipline, your piglet should be trained well on how not to bite when feeding her. Just be patient and you will be amazed at how quickly your micro pig can learn the meaning of various words and phrases. Enjoy your bonding time to the fullest!

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