Different Training types for Your Mini Pigs

Do you have a micro pig pet, and you don’t know how to housebreak it? It may seem a big problem, but actually training your darling is easy as a breeze. Micro pigs are among the smartest animals in the world. With a little effort, raising a micro piglet as a pet can be highly rewarding. You just need a few things to learn and you are ready to enjoy your time with your affectionate and loyal pet.

Potty Training Tips

Mini pigs can be potty trained to use the bathroom or to use a litter box. Below are some pointers:

  • Remember to carefully pick the location on where to put the litter box as teacup pigs tend to potty on the same place all the time.
  • Confine your micro piglet in a small private area while potty training.
  • During training, do not over clean the litter box. Make sure to leave at least one or two “pig berry”. The scent of it stimulates your micro pig to use the litter box again. Likewise it teaches your pet that this is the proper place to litter.
  • Avoid feeding your micro pig anywhere near the litter area.


Guides on Leash and Harness Training for your Mini Pigs

Using a leash for your micro piglet is for comfort and safety. Likewise, using a leash or harness enables you to take control of your favorite.

First, know if your micro pig is big enough to fit on a leash. Overly tight or loose harness can cause injury to your micro piglet.

  • Second, measure the size of your pet and take the time to check the wide variety of harnesses available to find the perfect harness for your pet. The best harness or leash for your micro pig should give your micro piggy enough room to move around.
  • Some pigs are fine being harnessed, and some don’t like, so you must give your piggy some time to get used to it. It is better to introduce your baby to it with food. Leave it around for it to play with.
  • Once comfortable, put it on gently. Make sure to that the harness or leash doesn’t interfere your piggy’s legs movement. Then, take your pet to a small walk. Doing so allows your pet to get used to having it on.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to give your piggy a treat for a job well done. Remember, foods and treats are the best tools to use tame your pet when training.

Mini Pig Training Tips

Teaching Your Micro Pig To Sit

Start teaching your pet while it’s still small enough to move around with your hands.

  • Start by telling your baby to sit while holding a treat above its head. Again, treats and foods are your best buddies while training. Then, move your hand (containing the treat) backward towards your pet’s shoulders.

This trick encourages your favorite to back up a bit, starting to sit down.

  • As soon as your piggy starts do the sit motion, immediately give your pet a light pat and a bit of the treat.
  • Do this a few times every day until your micro pig catches on.

While it takes some time to get your micro teacup piglet trained, this task is surprisingly easy especially if training begins at an early age. You may be surprised on how adaptable pigs are when it comes to learning new things. Micro pigs make popular pets because they are highly social, intelligent, loyal and affectionate. As long as you give them enough love and attention, you will be rewarded with a great companion.