You have seen these tiny creatures on TV, online and in magazines. These charming little pigs captured your heart and you are aching to have one. While you have the money and time to raise and own a micro pig, you only have limited information on how to manage it.

House breaking is one of the tasks in owning a micro pig. However, micro pigs do not come potty trained, hence you need to teach your micro pig how to eliminate- outside or use the litter box. Just like cats and dogs, teacup pigs can make wonderful pets when properly trained. With a little patience, love and lots of treats, house breaking your mini pig pet is easy. However, training must start at an early age for best results.

  1. Find a small and an undisturbed out of the way area for your micro pig pet. Also, it should be away from the area where your mini piggy eats or sleeps. Like all pigs, micro pigs do not potty near their sleeping area or food.
  2. Take your baby to the designated area once every hour on the first day. Then, every two hours on the second day and every three hours on the third day. Or you may do this routine after meals; breakfast and dinner, or before bedtime.
  3. Observe your mini pig pet for signs of needing to defecate. Guide or take your pig pet to the designated potty area if it starts sniffing around. Use treats such like grapes, apples, or pears. But, treats should be limited because of its high calorie content that can cause obesity as micro pigs tend to overeat.
  4. Praise your pet whenever it eliminates in the designated area or litter box. Give it a light pat and treats for a job well done.
  5. Then, if your micro pig eliminates in the wrong area, make sure to put a little of it inside the litter box. The scent of feces stimulates your piggy’s urge to use the litter box again. Continue this throughout the training period. But, make sure not to leave the “pig berries” in the litter box too long.
  6. Remember; give your teacup pig enough time to learn. Also, give your darling lots of treats and praise for effective and successful housebreak training. With patience and love, you will be rewarded with a loyal and affectionate micro pig pet.

How to Housebreak Your Micro Pig

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