Teaching your teacup pig not to bite

Teacup pigs can learn a lot of tricks such as standing up, sitting down and even dancing as well as many others thus, it should not be very challenging for you to train her not to bite when it is uncalled for.

Amazing Teacup Pigs

The same with dogs, they can learn just about anything but in a faster pace because you can reinforce their trainings with treats. In fact, they are even smart enough to figure out where you keep food so they may know how to open cupboards and fridges without training them at all. When properly motivated, these lovely piglets will definitely learn the ropes of various tricks that you set them out to do. As such, do not cease to be amazed by how extremely wise they are and do not underestimate their ability to act especially when it has something to do with food. This characteristic alone have garnered them so much affection and adoration from pet lovers and has win the hearts of those people who are still skeptical of teacup pigs as ideal members of the household.

Knowing General Attitudes of Mini Pigs

It has been observed that there are cute nano pigs that like to watch TV so much and even have their own favorite TV shows! Due to this preference, they may even display a bit of temper tantrums or become mad if you shut off their favorite TV show. If your family loves to play music most of the time, these wonderful piglets may also learn to love music compared to others who are not exposed to sounds and tunes. Hence, as a new piglet owner, you may turn on the radio or TV for your cute mini pigs when you have something to do around the house and will not be paying full attention to them.

Teaching your teacup pig not to bite as well as other tricks

Teaching Not to Bite

For the first week of your new baby arriving at your home, you can indulge her with treats such as grapes, Cheerios, raisins and others so that she will bond with you easily. Your mini pig will be able learn quickly that she has to come to you so that she will have treats. After which, your teacup pig will also understand to roll over so that you can scratch her tummy gently. After about two weeks and your piglet have already adjusted to your presence, you can cut back on the treats gradually. But bear in mind though that when I say treats, it only means 1 raisin or Cheerio at a time. Your teacup pig should know how to take this gently from you, without biting your hand. If she nips or grabs to get the treat from you, then it is highly recommended that you take your finger and tap it on the top of her nose while saying “no”. Then, wait for a few seconds and say “get it again,” and “take it slowly.” When your mini pig appears to understand this and start to get the treat slowly, then you will give the treat to her. However, if she continues to be appear aggressive then repeat the process again.

By repeated training and discipline, your piglet should be trained well on how not to bite when feeding her. Just be patient and you will be amazed at how quickly your micro pig can learn the meaning of various words and phrases. Enjoy your bonding time to the fullest!