Pigs were not always popular for being pets. What we all know of course is that they are natural farm animals. Normal pigs can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds and being this heavy and big it would be natural for us to think that letting them live at our homes is absurd. However, not all pigs are alike. What we knew before and what we know now are different. What we deemed unreasonable before may actually be a good idea now.

You must have heard a lot about teacup pigs. They are currently one of the favorite animals chosen as pets and are beloved all over the world including Canada! They are chosen as pets by many people because of their wit and charm. Before going further about the different characteristics of teacup pigs, it may be useful to learn a bit of their history.


Pigs were used in pharmacological and medical studies in the past. However, keeping large farm pigs in the laboratory is quite impractical so they searched for alternatives and found one in potbellied pigs. Potbellies are significantly smaller than your normal farm pig weighing around 200 pounds once fully grown. They were also exhibited in zoos where they caught the attention of well-off people. Potbellies then enjoyed a boost of popularity in the 1980รข’s when well-off people started the fad of having potbellies as pets. It warned a little once stricter laws were enforced about keeping farm animals at home. Having pigs as pets enjoyed resurgence in the 1990s and 2000s when mini pigs or teacup pigs entered the picture.

Teacup pigs are definitely smaller than potbellies with an average weight of 35 pounds once fully grown. This is definitely a way smaller variety which would make them easier to handle in a domestic setting. The main disadvantage of keeping pigs as pets was their size. Now that this issue has been solved, more and more people want to have pigs as pets. Pigs make wonderful pets. They are smart which means they can be house trained and taught tricks as well as affectionate and sweet which makes taking care of them easy and rewarding. Also, they have no fur so there is a very low risk of triggering any kind of allergic reaction. It is safe for the whole family especially for your kids.

Teacup pigs make great pets and can now be shipped to Canada

Getting your very own teacup pig

Buying these cutie pies may require shipping via air or sea. Now, you can order your very own teacup pig in Canada!
You may be interested in buying a teacup pig for yourself but it may not be available or you might be wary of being scammed. Teacup pigs are sold for quite a high price and for this reason many people have entered this kind of business albeit dishonestly. They may have claimed to have genuine teacup pigs and sold it to you for a high price but you will discover later that you were scammed when it reaches 200 pounds in weight! Thus, it is important to get in touch with a trusted breeder who is selling the genuine kind.

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